Thursday, April 30, 2009

New York, I Miss You

Because I do.
I miss NY and I have only vacated there
But I miss The Great City
I miss the steam rising from the streets on a muggy August night
Being surrounded by giants on all sides
and mostly the snow that seems to remember to fall at just the right time

I wasn't bred for sunny days... I much prefer the rainy, sticky nights, thank you.

"Here Lies Jeremy Camp" Glendale Centre Theatre Review

So the lawyer is a liar. Surprise, surprise right? Well yes and no.

The show is based on the fact that Jeremy Troy, played by Daniel Roebuck, is a comedic convincing liar. So much so that he has fooled everyone he knows including his ivy-league educated boss, Sven Ivorsen (Mario DiGregorio), into believing he obtained law degree with the falsified diploma and graduation picture to prove it. When and old college friend, Charlie Bickle (Kelly Flynn), comes to town and by chance finds out about the faked degree, Jeremy Troy, in true lawyerly fashion, devises a plan to cover up the truth.

“Here Lies Jeremy Troy” finds the funny. The actor’s all had strong comedic timing, and I honestly enjoyed the slapstick-natured comedy. Though some moments were a bit far-fetched for my likes (i.e., Jeremy fainting multiple times), solid acting balanced the overdramatic faux pas. One buoyant actor floated above the rest, JJ Rodgers as Tina Winslow. For the few moments that this two and a half hour show moved slowly, JJ peppered up scenes with spunk and vibrancy.

The 1960’s era suits were exquisitely created, hats and headbands off to Costumer Angela Wood for JJ’s canary yellow vintage ensemble. As for the set, the structure of the theatre does not permit set changes but the authentic 60’s living room setting worked. That said, thumbs up for theatre structure. It is as cozy as grandma’s living room, with the stage in the center and seats surrounding all 360 degrees of it, every seat in the theatre is equally good. One drawback that took me out of the show is the doors that were part of the set opened very narrowly, and therefore created an uncomfortable exit for the actors to the staged bedroom or bathroom. The short opening along with the obvious empty wood the audience saw behind the bedroom or bathroom door every time an actor came and left drew me out of the show. But then JJ’s effervescence would pull me right back in to the scene.

One of my favorite things about the Glendale Centre Theatre was that there was no need to sneak sweets and coffee into the theatre by means of an oversized purse, food is allowed inside. But if you do choose to visit this theatre in the future (and I highly recommend you do) please do not be the guy who is unwrapping his candy bar all through the first act. Or at least don’t sit behind me while you do.

“Here Lies Jeremy Camp” plays Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3 pm from April 9 to May 16. Tickets are $21-23 Tickets are available at (818) 244-5042. All performances are at Glendale Centre Theatre located at 324 N. Orange Street, Glendale, CA 91203

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am offically a "real" writer

Okay so I am exceedingly thrilled about being paid to blog. Really. I feel like there is a little bouncy ball inside of me that is going haywire every time I think about it. It has always been my dream to get money in return for written words, and now I am! I have prayed about this for such a long time, and God has so graciously given me the wonderful opportunity. Thank you Lord.

I feel like Jo from Little Women, you know when she got her first article published? And she couldn't believe it because she thought she kinda sucked and only those who liked her liked her writing. Yeah, that's the feeling.

Anywho, I will be scribbling about garage and vintage sales in the greater LA area, which is super-duper cool. I know it ain't glamorous but it definitely reflects me as a person and I am happy to write about anything as long as I can do so honestly.

Now the whole term "paid" is a wee bit hazy. You see, I am "paid" only when my site gets hits. So Please click here 1,000 times a day. Okay, ready...start hitting now. I am not kidding people! I don't want to live on Ramon noodles anymore! Hit the button and nobody gets hurt.

Leave the gun, take the canoli.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No pare-sigue, sigue!

Richard Rodgers theater, where the best show on B'way is lighting up the City.
It was so flipping cold that night!The set

Okay so this soundtrack has been on continual repeat on my ipod since we left NY. The moment Usnavi (Puerto Rican for US Navy) started making cafe con leche "light and sweet", I was hooked. The raw, HILARIOUS story of Latinos from Queens and their daily grind captured my ghetto soul. In The Heights really made me proud to count myself Cuban. From the "Carnival de Barrio" to "Alabanza" I was in awe. This show has recently been getting some wicked good press (well maybe winning the Tony for Best New Musical helped...un pocito). It is not one of those flashy Broadway shows with lots of glitz and little character. Its a story with a real human connection that you can relate to through the easily loved characters with honest tragedies and triumphs. A must for a theater-lover, a moving, life-changing experience for any Latino.

And for the financially challenged (like myself), if you enter the Broadway lottery 2-3 hours before the show, you can get front row tickets for $26.50 each. But you gotta bring cash and be there when your name is called. You can enter your name once for 1 or 2 tickets depending on the amount you need. The lottery is held in front of the theatre usually about 2 and 1/2 hours before showtime. Actually, most Broadway shows are participating in the lottery now. Click here for a link that has more info.

Break a leg! or a nose! or...whatever:) And to Lin Manuel Miranda no pare-sigue, sigue!

Friday, February 27, 2009

I wanna live In The Heights, can we move there PLEASE?

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling that usually accompanies the phrase, "There is no place like home"? Especially after stepping off a 3 hour bus ride, 1 hour taxi, 3 hour plane-wait time and a 6 hour plane ride, you would think I would want to pull out some red snazzy slippers and go see my good friend OZ right? Well it must've been Alphaba's influence because the last place I wanted to be when I got off the plane at Bob Hope Airport is in LA. I wanted to defy gravity and take the next 6 hour flight back to NY.

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of things that I like about LA, the mountains, my cousins, new found friends, overpriced thrift stores, Yummy Cupcakes, the revolutionary spirit that still lingers from the 60's, but I miss the snarky east coast. Incredibly badly. And being in NY and Jersey for a couple of days only made it worse.

Anywho, it was a great trip. My home girls Yasmin and Bridget met us there and we had a blast seeing penguins, winning the Broadway Lottery (WICKED and In The Heights), walking in Prospect Park and having frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. My favorite part was seeing my grandpa, who looked so healthy and happy. That part definitely gave me the warm fuzzies. I miss him so much too:(

But there is hope in yonder distance! Our original reason for jetting to NY was for a Director's Guild Fellowship Program entrance exam. If we make it past this round we have to go again for a in person interview. Which would mean seeing grandpa again! yea! SO, If you could send a prayer up to God for us that would be most helpful:) All we want is His will, it's in His will that our joy lies!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4 Years and Counting

Today marks another year that I have put up with Josh leaving tiny papers all over the house and forgetting half the things I tell him. It also marks another year that he has cleaned when I am too tired to move and talked to me about random things when he would really rather be watching TV.

That said, my life has been so much better because of him. His consideration and kindness for others has taught me to try to be a better more understanding person. "Try" is the operative word. But with my stank and his sweet we truly balance each other out. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend.

I love you Joshua Ray Pineda:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

My first broken bone!!!

My weekend started with our entire place flooding before we had a friend coming over for dinner. The rain didn't stop all night and therefore we were greeted with a swimming pool in our living room. Wonderful.

I thought Saturday would get better as Libby woke me up by licking my face good morning but then the handyman came at the ungodly hour of9:00AM without a phone call. Great. Now I had to wake up, get dressed, and be all polite when I really wanted to go back to bedy-bye and sleep until 12. Didn't happen.

Since I was already awake I decided to walk Libby. Usually this walking results in happy thoughts, wagging tales and all the good extras. This particular Saturday it resulted in a broken pinky finger. I was barely holding onto the leash since the Lib-ster walks pretty well and has become really friendly with other dogs in the neighborhood. I had the leash wrapped around my ring and pinky fingers, and was walking along happily when another dog came by and everything went in slow motion. First, the other dog (a bigger Lab) lunged at Libby and started barking, pulling his owner hard. Then Libby got gangster and defended his own by barking louder. The other dog didn't stop and Libby wasn't about to either so in an effort to prove his Alpha-ness, Libby proceeded to pull me halfway down the street, breaking my finger in the process.

I went to Urgent Care where the awesome Dr. Sean McLaughlin, made me totally realxed and even let me take a picture of my broken finger! If you look way at the top you can see where it is diagonally split. My first broken bone is because of my crazy, crazy dog. But I couldn't love Libby more:)

The Birds

I was forced by my crazy boss, "Hollywood" to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific and hang out at a table that, really, few people cared about. People only stopped to pick up some dum-dum's (the irony here kills me) for their kids and then walk away. Tons of times while sitting at the table random kids would walk up, not even glance at us, take 5 lollipops each, and then run like they stole something. There were a few that offered a shy "hello" and ASKED before thier gubby little paws stole all my candy, and to that end, I say cheers to the 'rents.

Well, we got a short break while doing our duty, and it is at this point that Hitchcock's film "The Birds" played over in my head. Please see the pics (sorry so sucky, they were from my cell phone) of Josh below to get a fuller idea of the Lorikeet attack.

Now here is a picture of a happy Lorikeet interaction. My poor Josh. he must be part-Lorikeet:)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Holy Cheesy Goodness!

Okay so I usually condone the "breakfast sandwich", but marvelous piece of work is a whole other story. The softest dough, meltiest cheese (yes meltiest-and what?), spiciest sausage, and fluffiest eggs all combine for one power punch of yummy-ness in your mouth. It is literally an explosion of happiness all neatly compacted into a square piece of heaven called the Sausage Piadini. The calorie count is high, but, because I am an East Coaster living on the West Coast, I could care less. C'mon I'll work it off in salsa class anyways. You can find it at the Starbucks near ABC Studios on Alameda. If you don't live in CA it might be at your friendly neighborhood Starbucks.

Best time to eat this baby is right when you wake up. It'll kill any hangover symptoms and kick the crust outta your eyes while taking you to your happy place.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

me x 25

This is reminiscent of High School when I used to create one project for 2 classes! So, I posted this on FB and since I am a lazy blogger and here it is again :

1. I hate chain letters. Really I despise them and wish them a slow tortured death. Why? Well, because when the chain letter says to send the stupid leprechaun to 25 people in 5 minutes and then promises I will be a millionaire, I do it and then check my bank account incessantly for the next few days. I really think I will get that money. But what happens? NO CASH! That is false advertising man. so uncool.

2. Speaking of letters, I kinda miss the days when people used snail mail. I miss the romanticism of waiting for a letter for days from a pen pal or "lover". The writing was much more cherished and thought out. Now all I get is a text message saying BRB...LOL.

3. Oddly I love beeper codes! Mostly because I can tell someone 43 and not feel bad because I didn't really curse. not out loud anyways. Yay me!

4. I don't like that many adults, they pester me. I adore a child's honesty and short attention span. I get them because in a lot of ways I have refused to grow up. and yes, Peter Pan is my idol. He has a nice crib in that Neverland place.

5. For the same reason, I have a lot of acquaintances and very few friends. But the friends I have, I would do anything for. And I don't like to share my friends - they're mine no touchy no touchy! ;) (Love ya Yaz)

6. There are 3 guys who totally rock my socks, Josh, Grandpa, and Hans Christian. Oh! and a dog-Libby!

7. So I took this hip hop class here in LA thinking it would be similar to Miami and I'd be aiiiiiight. i mean I have danced for 15 years- I thought, "I go this man!". Yeah, no so much. I've been sore the past 3 days and in places I didn't even know muscles existed.

8. I have come to find out that the traits that annoy me most in other people bother me because those same annoying traits are in me. Which sucks. Stupid Jung.

9. I am always writing and my dream is to find a career in writing for children. But I am absolutely terrified of it. But, as much as I am afraid of trying and failing, I am more afraid of not trying at all. You see, when I was little I was a nerd, had leg braces (forest gump style, no lie) and nobody would play with me, so books were my best friend. I want to be able to create that experience for a youngin' that felt like I did.

10. More about childhood, I didn't like barbies unless they were being BBQ-ed. I was, and still am a tomboy. i used to have fights with other girls about who was more of a tomboy. I always won when I burped the loudest.

11. Who was the dum-dum that decided it was a good idea to stop showing X-Men cartoons?! That was the best cartoon! It taught how to accept others who were different! We still need that today! Plus after watching it I totally thought I could fly.

12. The Boston Red Sox are the best sports team ever. period.

13. When I was 8, I had a cat, Sherlock Holmes (told you I like to read). One day I thought his whiskers were too long and trimmed them. the cat walked into walls for weeks.

14. I love traveling, everywhere and anywhere. But I hate touristy places. I'd much rather be in with the local population keepin' it real. Then you really get a feel for the city.

15. I used to play the violin. Now I am trying to play the guitar. Trying is the operative word.

16. I LOVE animals. All of 'em. So much that I almost became a marine vet. I miss going scuba diving. I have swam with sharks, stingrays, and dolphins. But I refuse to jump out of a plane, Josh. That's for crazies.

17. I also keep the nerd alive. I love learning and will get my Ph.D. in Medieval Literature and Creative Writing. I wish I lived in Chr├ętien de Troyes romances. I love the Arthurian Legends.

18. I want to go to Germany in 2010 to see the Passion Play. really bad. Anyone wanna put up the cash?

19. One time, when grandpa told me money didn't grow on trees, I buried a dollar in the backyard to prove him wrong. I am still waiting for the return on my investment.

20. When my friend double bounced me on the trampoline I fell hard and had to get 8 stitches on my chin from a plastic surgeon. Now when the paparazzi ask me if I have had plastic surgery, I have to say yes. sigh. Oh! When I feel from the trampoline my flesh fell on the floor and I saw my raw bone. SO COOL!

21. Harry Potter. 'nuff said.

22. I miss the Miami cafe con leche and tostada for breakfast or anytime. Holla if you hear me.

23. Mmmm... Blue Moon Beer. If you haven't tried it, stop what your doing and proceed to the nearest bar. You'll thank me later.

24. My new found love is hiking . It puts me at peace which, because of my current job, is somethng I find myself lacking.

25. Falling asleep with Libby and Jay is one of my favorite things. snuggle, snuggle baby.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Libby, my beloved pit-boxer mix, loves to twinkle upon all Christmas trees. It's his special Christmas gift. He shared his Christmas-tree-peeing talent at my cousin's house on Christmas Eve. I didn't think it would happen, I mean my cousin had a wire gate surrounding Her 7 foot tree because her Lab, Charlie, ate all the glass ball ornaments on the bottom half of the tree and 2 pound boxes of See's chocolate from under it. Precautions were then necessarily made to barricade crazy pooches from the poor defenseless tree. But, oh, my Libby is so special.  He took one slight sniff of that grand ole peeing post and lifted his leg in slow motion. We were on the other side of the room but I felt in my gut something was going down. As I glanced to my right I saw a Libby's hind leg rising. I stretched out my hand to stop him, but I was too late. A perfectly arched stream of a golden hue had shot out on the Christmas tree and all over the presents. Libby was content. He finished with his business before I could show him how fast my finger waved and tell him "bad boy". I felt terrible and offered a "Merry Christmas?" to my cousin, who was nearly peeing herself from laughter.

I realize the holiday season is over, so why am I remembering this you ask? Well, now is the time when everyone chucks their dried Christmas trees out on the lawn for the garbage man to pick up. But, little do the hardworking garbage men know as they load the trees on the trucks with bare hands, Libby has already gotten those trees with his own dose of Christmas spirit. Every morning on our daily walk I see trees Libby has doused with "joy" being picked up by these unknowing men. Worst part is, I have to try and hold my laughter! It's like my own personal showing of punk'd! Except Ashton doesn't come out with cameras and no one knows but me and Libby-and Libby, I am positive is laughing too. I know, I know it's kinda cruel but, I guess I still have some east coast-ness left in me. Word to the wise, don't leave your Christmas Tree out in my hood.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have quit my job 3x's today...

in my pretty little head. I almost quit when I realized my raise was not coming. I almost quit again when I thought about how un-environmentally friendly it is working here. You see she, who will be referred to as "Hollywood" from here on out, refuses to type. "Hollywood" therefore thinks that using a sharpie to convey her run-on sentences with scribble scrabble handwriting is a great idea. "Hollywood's" best idea yet, is to fax 27 sheets of paper to me from her house (3 blocks away) then incessantly edit her own work with umm...special grammar skills. I mean why listen to the idiot (me) who got her degree in English? That's just illogical. The faxing of edited pages back and forth creates a paper trail form here to Hong Kong, and that's not even including that fact that we must send "Hollywood's" emails to her by fax. She might as well have me just bulldozer into a forest, take an axe to the biggest, oldest, most beautiful tree I can find and deliver it to her house free of charge. Yeah. That thought was the reason for the 3rd time I quit today. Then I remembered about that stupid thing called rent and faxed her 15th round of edits back up the block. It's still early. I will quit again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fairytales are absolutely figments of little girls fragile imaginations.

Well, if that is true, then I never grew up. As a matter of fact, I am currently living in my very own fairytale. Don't be alarmed, mice don't sing around my apartment, and my voice is terrible so I can't beckon swarms of wild forest animals at a moment's notice, but I really did end up in a Fairytale. My story is not the Brothers Grimm version either, it is a story of love not lost because of circumstance but strengthened by time and trial. I ended up having the kind of love written about many years ago, a old, vintage, timeless kind of love. The kind Arthurian Legends are made of. Is he blond, perfect and riding on a stallion to work? Nope. Dark hair, sometimes a pain in my can, and he's terrified of horses. But, he sees me with morning eye boogers, sheet creases on my face and faded pj's yet tells me everyday that I'm beautiful. Now either he likes girls that look like gremlins in the morning or Love covers a multitude of sins. And yes I say sins because it is sometimes unholy how funky I look in the morning. All he says though is, "You're Beautiful". For a girl who had a rocky start in life, I sure feel like I am riding into the sunset.