Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No pare-sigue, sigue!

Richard Rodgers theater, where the best show on B'way is lighting up the City.
It was so flipping cold that night!The set

Okay so this soundtrack has been on continual repeat on my ipod since we left NY. The moment Usnavi (Puerto Rican for US Navy) started making cafe con leche "light and sweet", I was hooked. The raw, HILARIOUS story of Latinos from Queens and their daily grind captured my ghetto soul. In The Heights really made me proud to count myself Cuban. From the "Carnival de Barrio" to "Alabanza" I was in awe. This show has recently been getting some wicked good press (well maybe winning the Tony for Best New Musical helped...un pocito). It is not one of those flashy Broadway shows with lots of glitz and little character. Its a story with a real human connection that you can relate to through the easily loved characters with honest tragedies and triumphs. A must for a theater-lover, a moving, life-changing experience for any Latino.

And for the financially challenged (like myself), if you enter the Broadway lottery 2-3 hours before the show, you can get front row tickets for $26.50 each. But you gotta bring cash and be there when your name is called. You can enter your name once for 1 or 2 tickets depending on the amount you need. The lottery is held in front of the theatre usually about 2 and 1/2 hours before showtime. Actually, most Broadway shows are participating in the lottery now. Click here for a link that has more info.

Break a leg! or a nose! or...whatever:) And to Lin Manuel Miranda no pare-sigue, sigue!

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